Quality Policy

Ralmuof Konsult is dedicated to providing the management and commitment that will establish, execute and comply with international standards.

All processes and interconnecting activities shall be performed according to the international standards, contract specifications, applicable codes and jurisdictional regulations.

It is the objective of Ralmuof Konsult to produce work, which complies with specified requirements of its clients and is fit for the purpose for which it is intended.

Ralmuof Konsult management fully supports the establishment and implementation and compliance to the international standards, with a commitment to ensuring that the quality of work is the primary responsibility of all company employees.

Quality starts with each individual.

To achieve this, it is the policy of Ralmuof Konsult to conduct its business within a management system, which complies with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001:2007, API, ASTM, ASME, TEMA, NACE, ANSI, AWS, standards and codes.

The Company recognizes quality as a key corporate responsibility, hence all employees at all level within the organization are committed to ensuring that all operations and activities executed by the company meets the quality requirements.
To achieve the quality objective, the company engages in training of staffs, providing good working environment for its personnel and running a Quality improvements Plan that’s allows for continual improvements on the performance of its products and services.

However, in line with company culture, this needs to be done in a cost effective manner with due regard to safety of personnel, the environment, and the asset itself. The question of requirements and recommending improvements shall be encouraged as one of the means to ensure continual improvement.