HSE Policy
Ralmuof Konsult undertake to make available to employees information regarding known health hazards and recommended precautions prior to their commencing an assignment or overseas visit.

All Ralmuof Konsult personnel must receive a HSE orientation suitable for their work environment prior to commencing work or visit. A suitable plan with risk assessment and appropriate controls must be confirmed in place prior to all tasks.

Ralmuof Konsult personnel and subcontractors must behave safely to prevent injury, environmental and property damage and must interrupt the work to avoid a risk of injury, or damage to the environment or property.

All equipment must be maintained to ensure efficiency of operation to maintain emissions within equipment capabilities, emissions performance must be considered in selecting new or replacement equipment.

This policy is to:

  • Minimize the risk of exposure to health hazards associated with countries identified as medium – high risk.
  • Reduce the risk through use of available vaccines, of company personnel and their dependants contracting diseases associated with the location, country of intended visit or posting.
  • Reduce the risk of company employees and their dependants contracting malaria, using preventative, measures and identifying symptoms in the event of exposure; and informed of the necessary precautions against malaria in endemic areas.
  • Ensure that all personnel receive critical safety information and understand site specific hazards prior to having access to work sites.
  • Ensure that hazards are identified and risks are effectively managed and controlled at all times.
  • Enforce safe work practices to prevent injuries or damage to the environment.
  • Minimize the effect on the environment.
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