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  • Ralmuof principal objective is the independent assessment of project risk management including quality, safety, environmental and business performance issues and a focus on the specification of appropriate performance standards to manage the anticipated that have the potential to impact on the required integrity, quality, schedule requirements, budget and safety.
  • Ralmuof Konsult has developed and instituted continuous capacity building and local content enhancement programmes to all its multi-disciplined consultancy team.
  • Ralmuof Konsult shall provide value added solutions and quality services that are risk averse.
  • Ralmuof Konsult is dedicated to providing the highest caliber services to its clients, fully aware at all times of the professional ethics that will enhance its reputation. Our goal is to sustain local content growth and development, realize a profit, provide opportunities for employees and hopefully make a contribution to the environment in which we live in and work.
  • Ralmuof CORE VALUES are Integrity, Honesty, Quality, Innovation and Excellence.
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