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THE COMPANY you would most like to work with because:

  • We will comply with all statutory and regulatory norms of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.
  • We will comply with all business principles and rules in Nigeria.
  • We will comply with safety rules and company procedures in client sites.
  • We will prioritize all forms of compliance in our business engagements.


THE COMPANY You Would Most Like To Retain Because We Will

  • Provide the best possible service and implement for our clients a quality and project management system that is effective and efficient.
  • We will respond to client needs in an innovative and professional manner.
  • We will maintain an excellent and continually improved customer service.
  • We will exhibit the best business and work ethics.


THE COMPANY You Would Most Like To Be Part Of Because;

  • We will provide the working environment to ensure opportunity for individual growth, development and self fulfillment.
  • We will recognize and reward outstanding performance on an equitable basis.
  • We will offer competitive compensation and benefits.
  • We will continue to have job security as a primary goal.


THE COMPANY You Would Most Like To Sell To And Service Because;

  • We will pay for goods and service promptly.
  • We will provide an expanding outlet for goods and services.
  • We will treat suppliers with courtesy and respect.
  • We will offer criticism only in a constructive manner.


Ralmuof Konsult will strive to achieve these objectives through team work and our total commitment to the following principles:


  • Each project role in the company is important and commands the respect of all.
  • Our team is the company’s primary asset and will be treated as individuals with equal opportunity for all.
  • The company will assist employees in using and developing their capabilities and talents to their maximum potential.
  • Each employee will have the opportunity to participate in decision relating to his or her job function.
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