Integrity is what we do, what we say, and what we say we do.

More Info  Ralmuof Konsult Limited is Nigeria’s premier Asset Integrity Management Consultancy firm and is exclusively focused on Energy, Production Engineering, and Financial Services Sectors.

Our Strategy



We will continually review and appraise current operations and activities to ensure maintenance of highest possible standards. We will attempt to manage our business with foresight and flexibility in order to cope effectively with the changing times.


Our business will be conducted in a fair, honest, forth-right and legal manner at all times. All actions must be able to stand justification to our clients. No action will be taken by the company or an employee in its name that is contrary to this philosophy.


We will serve our clients, employees, suppliers and the community as each of us individually would want to be served. Our performance will warrant their faith in us, justify a continuing long term relationship and ensure the achievement of our goals.

Our Expertise

Integrated Project Management – the strategic coordination of all management efforts is what we provide our clients.

It Is Easy To Tell Work Done By Ralmuof Konsult Limited, Just Look For The “3Ps”.

  • Programme is continually on target and strategically based.
  • Project management activities are integrated with the rest of the Quality, Financial and Risk management activities.
  • Process and System approach to management create excellent value added results.

The trend today in the Energy, Oil and Gas Industry is towards exploitation of virgin terrains in the deep offshore for which Nigeria is a major prospect and player.

This continuing growing trend and demand world wide for Oil and Gas and the accompanying push for local content makes the utilization of truly Nigerian capacities imperative.

Our Clients