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Ralmuof Konsult Limited is Nigeria’s premier Asset Integrity Management Consultancy firm and is exclusively focused on Energy, Production Engineering, and Financial Services Sectors. We combine an in depth understanding of these sectors with all round competency based skills, a commitment to international standards and excellence. Our wide exposure allows us to develop innovative solutions, which may not be apparent to others. Ralmuof Konsult helps organizations articulate, create and execute strategies that will strive to educate, inform and achieve their business and customer services objectives. Ralmuof Konsult was incorporated as an innovative approach to aid Nigeria’s capacity building efforts in asset integrity management activities and designed to bring measurable results to our clients.

Ralmuof Konsult works with very credible organizations as partners. This is aimed at providing our customers diverse knowledge and proficient support, high quality experienced and specialized partners with international recognition and global network.

Ralmuof Konsult’s principal was an expediter, lead monogram and ISO (9001:2008) auditor (Id: # 174) for the American Petroleum Institute (API) with over 60 specific certifications to date; Lead auditor for International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA) (Id: # 1185278); lead auditor ISO (9001:2008), auditor ISO (14001:2004) (Id: # 011) for Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON); Lead auditor Institute of Quality Assurance (IQA – London) (Id: # 05032991).Lead Auditor (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004), Auditor ISO 18001: 2007 AFNOR France.

Today, businesses are operating in an increasingly cost sensitive environment and require providers of these services to offer recognizable technical value as well as economy. Ralmuof Konsult would assist in the design of Asset Integrity campaign strategies to minimize cost and optimize risk protection as early as at the design and procurement stages of the project cycle where considerations of risk and criticality are taken into account.

Ralmuof has continually provided service on technical control, product and system certification, education and software both in Lagos and internationally since its establishment in 2002. Ralmuof Konsult has developed and instituted continuous capacity building and local content enhancement programmes to all its multi-disciplined consultancy team. It maintains a small, highly skilled staff augmented by exceptional professional internal consultants.